Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collected the most frequent questions we’ve been asked about our service. Use the search box to navigate through questions by keywords.

What does EssayCreator mean?

EssayCreator is an online platform that provides users with a free essay generator tool. With the help of AI software, you can create multiple essays within seconds just by typing the keywords relevant to your topic. Due to access to various databases, this tool can generate content on any topic, and the results will be meaningful and accurate.

Can I use this tool for free?

Sure, our EssayCreator generator is completely free with unlimited sessions.

Is it secure to use EssayCreator?

While using our online tool, you can stay calm that you are completely safe. We don’t require any personal data for you and don’t save the essays you’ve created.

Can I use EssayCreator more than once?

The number of essay generator sessions is limitless for you! You can create multiple essays by typing different keywords as many times as you want.

How to use EssayCreator tool?

The process of using the EssayCreator platform is pretty simple and straightforward. Visit our website and find the entry field. Type one or more keywords that are relevant to your future essay. Press the “Generate” button and wait some time for results. If you like the created essay, feel free to download it. If not, try again by typing other keywords.

What keywords should I use?

There are no specific criteria for the choice of the keywords. The main requirement is that your keywords should describe your future essay as accurately as possible. If you are hesitating about the main keywords, you can simply type the topic of your essay.

Where can I create the essays?

Visit the main page of our website and find the entry field where you can type your keywords.

How does EssayCreator generate the essays?

The process of generating essays can be described in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1. The software starts an analysis of the provided keywords and matches them with the relevant sources which it finds in its internal and external databases.
  • Step 2. The generator combines the found information and transforms it into a logical and structural essay.
  • Step 3. EssayCreator provides the user with ready-made content.

Will I get an original essay?

We can’t completely guarantee that the ready-made essay will be 100% original. While analyzing your keywords, the software matches them with different sources, and there is a chance of detecting plagiarism. That’s why we advise you to check the level of uniqueness of the created essay before submitting it.

What if there are no essays shown after generating?

Normally our generator works without any issues. If there are no results shown on the screen, try checking your keywords; maybe you made some typos. In other cases, you can contact our support team to request help.

What other free services can you offer?

Our online platform strives to provide services that can help to facilitate your writing process. Among them are citation generator, grammar & spelling checker, essay title creator, and plagiarism checker.

What does custom essay writing mean?

When you need writing help, and you pay someone to do it for you, that’s called custom essay writing. You can request such help from our writing platform. We will assign the best subject-relevant writer for your order. Our service always delivers only top-notch papers within the set deadline. In case you want more professional assistance than just AI-created content, you may apply for our service!

How can I order custom essay writing help?

You can find the “Order” button in the upper corner of the main page. Click on it and fill in the order form with the essay requirements. Process with payment, and we will assign the upscale writer to work on your order.